Company Profile

Derya Distribution was established in 1974 in order to be the one and only vendor of 10 publisher company for the means of distrubition. Later on, distribution network was widened as he other publisher companies joined to this body. In 1977 our company tarted to facilitated also in the area of stationery as wholesaler, in its own building in Cagaloglu till 2005. It moved to firstly in İstoç, than in Yenibosna and finally to Umraniye in 2009 as the product varities increased and the distribution network was widened. Right now Derya Distributon facilitates in Umraniye, Asian Side and DERYA NET Trade facilitates in İstoç, European Side. As can be seen, our body facilitates in both continental sides of Istanbul. Umraniye headquarter of Derya Distribution has 8.000 m2 closed area which has the opportunety to load and discharge in two floors and on the departments consisted of 3 floors mainly with Books, Stationery, Paper and Paper Products, Computer Consuming Products, Toys, Souvenirs products serves with 80.000 kinds of products, 40 service vehicles and nearly 100 employees. As the same way, Derya Net in İstoç, distibutes to our vendors in Europeans in European Side and Thracian area.

Stationery sector consists of the products that we use every level of our lid the trade volume of this sector in Turkey is guessed as 3,5 – 4 billions USD. The shareholders of this sector are providers, producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. In order to reach the products to the consumers nearly 35 providers and wholesalers take act and with the help of nearly 25.000 retailers, the products reach to the consumer. For the last year
%70 product groups consist of import products. Hence, Derya Distribution provides mostly import products in its departments. But Being a well known brand is not enough while choosing the product groups. The compatibility of the product to the environmental and healt norms is also important criteria in the framework of our social responsibility. We select the products with choosiness., present them to our vendors and the orders are distributed by Derya Distibution. Derya Distribution’s first target is to consolidate the market recognition, being the number one an the be the preferred company with maintained sense of trust. Later targets are to organize education activites in order to develop the sector, reorganize the shops of retailer vendors and contribute to the facilities in order to raise our sectoraş product/human resources standard to the most advanced level.

On the sectoral competition, Derya Distribution is already a well known and leader company with its more than 2000 vendors that are attached with the sense of trust, strong capital and eduated staff. And with this responsibility, the company is conscious of the fact that it has to do the best and has to produce the right solutions. In parallel to this mission, it follows the technological developments and as the fact that the trade is shifting to cyber environment, it increases the investments on this channel continuously. We produce solutions with finance etablishments and adapt the payment systems of the other sectors to our sector in order to present new payment systems to our vendors, as the main system is fixed term payment. Thus, Derya also became the leader company in this area.